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Nicole Robinson is a Certified Trichologist and Holistic Health Practitioner from Detroit, Michigan. She’s been a powerful supporter, practitioner, and leader in the cosmetology space for over 32 years. Nicole immersed herself in her family’s shared passion for helping women look and feel beautiful in 1998. That sparked an ongoing fire within her that led her to become the Alopecia General she is today, empowering women to wage their war against hair loss.

In 2023, Nicole entered what would be the first step in a life-changing career decision. She enrolled in the U.S. Trichology Institute and became a hair loss specialist. It wasn’t long before she opened Hair Phazez Hair Loss CenterLLC in 2008. That meant women finally had a safe haven to feel comfortable in their own skin. Nicole created a space for open conversations about the experience of hair loss without judgment.

Nicole motivation to make a difference didn’t end there. She realized that many of these women couldn’t regain their hair. They were desperate for options that didn’t include covering their natural appearance with scarves and wigs. In 2024, she became a certified Scalp Micropigmentation Specialist and Trichologist from the American Academy of Hair and Scalp Diseases.

Today, Nicole,  life mission is to use her knowledge from over 14,000 hours of education and training to annihilate alopecia. The outcome is the worldwide restoration of women’s voices as they learn to feel bold, beautiful, and confident in their own skin. She leads through guiding principles of integrity, spirituality, respect, family, and love.


  • Non-surgical hair replacement
  • Hair Restoration Specialist
  • Scalp/Scalp Micro Pigmentation Specialist
  • Trichologist
  • Hair color
  • Hair cut and style
  • Up-do
  • Perms
  • Keratin Treatment
  • Hair extensions
  • Hair weave

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